PayPal Alternatives for Accepting Online Payments

Established in 1998, PayPal has turned into one of the most frequently used online payment systems in the previous two years. PayPal removes troubles related to using fiat money or checks, as you’re able to do a lot through its online payment system.

While hundreds of millions of active PayPal accounts exist worldwide and many sellers accept PayPal, there are alternatives out there for people searching for something else. We’ll take a look at a few of the finest options offered.

What is PayPal?

Prior to we get into the very best alternatives, it is very important to have a working knowledge of what PayPal is and how it works. Comprehending its standard functions permits us to better examine alternatives.

PayPal imitates a digital wallet. Similar to a regular wallet, you can store credit card and debit card information in your account to pay online. You can likewise pay by keeping bank account info in your PayPal account. These different payment techniques are saved in your account and can be used when online shopping.

Security, speed of transactions, and PayPal benefits are three of the most significant selling points for the company. The security aspect is specifically crucial. PayPal highlights its increased security when you provide your details to it, and PayPal likewise emphasizes how it keeps your individual info safe and secure when you make online payments. As the video connected above explains, that’s much safer than providing your name, email address, living address, and charge card info on all the online websites you buy from. Your savings account info is likewise secured within PayPal, reducing the likelihood your information will be stolen. PayPal provides in-store payment alternatives for users, although one of those alternatives was eliminated simply over a year back.

PayPal can also help with exchanging cash with other people or making contributions to charity. PayPal likewise features varied usages for companies, which can develop e-commerce websites that accept PayPal and even execute PayPal invoicing features if needed. We consider PayPal to be an elite charge card processor for low volume deals. Business features of PayPal are extensively utilized, which prevalent utilization belongs to what makes having a PayPal account important for consumers. According to PayPal’s site, 19 million merchants utilize PayPal to help grow their business. It’s a flexible platform used by lots of, as the merchant account numbers show.

PayPal options

If you are trying to find alternatives from either a personal or company viewpoint, it is essential to understand what you desire from your alternative. Are you trying to find increased simplicity? How important is the security of your individual details (credit card numbers, savings account info, and so on) with your option? Do you require to make or get international payments? Will, there be a monthly cost connected with the alternative, and would you even care if there was a monthly charge? What may be a fantastic PayPal alternative for a regional pizza store owner in Texas may be a less than an excellent alternative for a global business based out of New York City.


A Paysafe business, this payment technique resembles PayPal. Skrill is utilized for both U.S. and European customers, which can make it particularly valuable if you’re spending cash in Europe and the U.S. Similar To PayPal, security is a focus. It’s likewise not made complex to produce an account and start using the platform, which can be great for those seeking to quickly establish accounts and use the platform right away. In general, there aren’t remarkable distinctions between Skrill and Paypal, although Skrill might be better matched for worldwide merchants.

Reviews on Skrill are combined. Similar to any business, Skrill has some glowingly positive client reviews and other, more negative reviews. Sorting through the evaluations of any company can prove confusing, however, it’s worth thinking about Skrill for global payments.


Stripe claims it’s the “best software application platform for running an internet organization.” While this is, obviously, subjective, there is some credibility to the claim. In reality, we named Stripe the finest online charge card processor. Stripe incorporates several different platforms consisting of Shopify, Wix, and Weebly, which makes Stripe a fantastic alternative for e-commerce services. Amazon, Google, and Lyft all usage Stripe in some capability according to the business’s website.

An initial look at the company’s offerings can prove complicated, as it’s created with designers in mind. It may take extra effort for those without a coding background to comprehend all of the offerings, however presenting a little effort can be beneficial, as Stripe is used by companies in more than 100 nations. Merchants must take a close look at Stripe’s offerings, as the business is extremely concerned by many, consisting of those with merchant accounts.

There’s an integrated price alternative for companies that has a cost of 2.9% + 30 cents for every single successful card charge. Among the advantages for companies is the customized price choice. Stripe will produce a system that works finest for your organization to get payments, and prices will vary depending on how that plan is established. Using these tailored rates strategies can help your little business conserve cash.

If you’re running an online service, Stripe is a great PayPal option.


We list Square as our best mobile charge card processor for little services. Square’s ease of use sets it apart from other PayPal options. The fees and pricing approaches are transparent and easy to comprehend, and you aren’t locked into a long-term contract. If you run a small company and desire a various charge card processing service than PayPal, think about Square. Transactions are made simple with Square, which’s vital for the success of little services.

Like many of the other options on this list, Square offers the capability to tailor your offerings to your business. Security is likewise an emphasis for Square, which can help supply assurance to small companies and their clients. Between the simpleness and security customization options, Square is among the much better PayPal options on this list.


For peer-to-peer payments, Venmo is one of the better choices. If you’re a service searching for a PayPal credit card processing option, Venmo isn’t for you, however, it is a strong choice if you’re wanting to rapidly move cash to somebody else. There can be a few small charges when utilizing Venmo, but nothing outrageous. Venmo permits users to include debit card details in addition to checking accounts. You can accept payments from peers and quickly transfer those to any of the bank accounts associated with your Venmo account. If wanted, you can include multiple bank accounts or numerous cards into your account. You can also leave cash in Venmo to utilize the next time you’re wanting to make a transaction using the platform.

Venmo transactions can likewise be made public, which implies you can see deals from individuals you know. Some people take pleasure in the social aspect of Venmo and the number of users on the platform.

The Money App, which was developed by Square, serves a similar purpose and works likewise to Venmo. The Money App provides more in-depth services than Venmo, however. Zelle is another Venmo alternative with an increasing appeal. Peer-to-peer payments are rather simple with Zelle.


An excellent alternative for those making worldwide payments, Payoneer permits you to quickly get paid in multiple currencies and costs clients overseas. Regional currency accounts are readily available for businesses in the U.S. Canada, the U.K., China, Australia, and Japan. European countries also can create regional currency accounts.

Payoneer can be particularly useful for freelance employees, as they can do work for global customers and quickly send out invoices using Payoneer. If you’re a freelancer or if you do work for international clients, producing a Payoneer account is well worth looking into. It’s likewise an excellent choice for businesses seeking to employ abroad freelancers.

Shopify Payments

Shopify Payments is another quality alternative for online companies. Shopify integrates quickly with your shops and has a wealth of competence in the e-commerce market. Since Shopify Payments enables you to start accepting online payments without integrating a third-party payment service provider, the procedure ends up being easier than other choices. Establishing Shopify Payments isn’t tough, and the general use of Shopify Payments makes it a good option for PayPal for online sellers.

Other options

Google Pay

Google Pay allows users to make purchases in shops along with online utilizing near-field communication innovation. Within the last year, Google Pay added the capability to make peer-to-peer payments.

Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay makes good sense for businesses or consumers who regularly utilize Amazon. According to the company website, Amazon Pay is automatically triggered for individuals who have Amazon accounts, accept the Amazon Pay user agreement, and make one purchase using Amazon Pay on a third-party website. If you frequently make purchases online, specifically at Amazon, Amazon Pay is a great option for PayPal.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a reasonable option for online consumers aiming to make the process easier. In addition to paying online and making payments within apps, Apply Pay allows peer-to-peer transfers.

What to consider when assessing alternatives

Different options will work best for various companies, however, there are a couple of things each company or person ought to think about when assessing which PayPal alternative will best suit their requirements.

  • Deal charges
  • Regular monthly fees
  • Niche services
    • Could something like WeChat Pay, which is created for connecting Chinese consumers with a company overseas, work to your service?
  • Conserving money
    • Is your goal to conserve cash with the PayPal alternative or are you going to make a bigger payment for a more detailed service?
  • Integrations
    • Does the alternative easily integrate with your online service?

The bottom line

There are dozens of PayPal alternatives offered, and all of them have strengths and weak points when compared to PayPal. Making the last decision requires a comprehensive research study and an understanding of what you or your organization wants from its PayPal alternative. We’d recommend beginning with the list above when making a change.