Under Armour’s Digital Push Continues Through Slumped Financials


  • Under Armour remains in the middle of moving from a product-led approach to a customer-led as the company focuses on the crossway of customer items and backend technology, according to Paul Fipps, chief experience officer at Under Armour, while speaking throughout Sapphire Ventures’ CIO Summit recently. In his present function since February, Fipps signed up with the company in 2014 and has served in different functions, including SVP of global operations, CIO, and primary digital officer.
  • The business is utilizing its cloud information platform to produce consumer profiles, called the “focused entertainer,” which focuses on clients with “a competitive mindset or athletic pursuit,” said Fipps. Under Armour is counting on data pulled from apps in Under Armour’s portfolio, including MapMyFitness, EndoMondo, and MyFitnessPal, to cultivate the profiles.
  • In July, the business launched its revamped e-commerce platform with a new consumer relationship management stack, said, Fipps. The e-commerce platform “now aligns with most of our international [e-commerce] company on one platform,” the business stated in its Q2 2020 earnings.


Under Armour is attempting to rally after its quarterly earnings dipped listed below $1 billion in Q1, our sibling publication Retail Dive reported. This year took a jab in Under Armour’s otherwise historically-stable quarterly earnings.

The business has been going through an internal digital revamp for about 3 years, according to Fipps. But “we’ve been able to speed up that actually throughout coronavirus.”

Among the locations Under Armour is concentrated on, the company is simplifying the operating model for “accelerating digitization of our go-to-market process,” according to its Q2 filing.

In addition to the recently lined up e-commerce platform, the business is “working to stand a CRM program” to increase client engagement. “If you then consider what we’re doing around CRM and loyalty and how we’re going to have the ability to tie that into keeping the customer, the focused performer, engaged with us longer and regularly,” stated CEO Patrik Frisk, throughout the Q2 2020 earnings call.

Under Armour’s digital assets are ending up being geared towards how the business talks to a customer. “We’ve invested deeply in our cloud data platform to develop out a robust and enormous set of profiles of people who are deciding in to have conversation engagement with Under Armour,” said Fipps. “That is the basis of how we’re communicating with our consumers, whether they’re online or offline.”

The information growing and analysis is a living effort. It’s “assisted us keep this continuous conversation beyond a transactional moment with that customer so that we are, they see us in various locations and different parts of that journey that they’re all dealing with,” stated Fipps.

Finding out how Under Armour can integrate its digital product and services with backend technology and where it makes a lot of sense will add to retail’s push for customization. “For us, it’s really considering a much deeper dive into a real expert system,” said Fipps.

With emerging innovations, “it’s never ever simply one,” Fipps said. “It’s the mix as these things assemble to give all of us sort of abilities that simply were not possible even a couple of years ago.”